Call for Papers

Designing with(in) İstanbul

3-5 May 2017
Maltepe University Faculty of Architecture and Design

As designers, observers and thinkers we create ideas and utopias for living, analyze and question existing systems, develop curiosity and criticism towards our environment and explore inherent meanings. Urban space is a fertile ground where spatial disciplines not only merge but also intersect with lives and memories of people.

Within this point of view, muiscarch’17 invites all undergraduate students of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Nautical Design, Anthropology, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and Film/Media Studies to the international congress and a workshop under the theme: Designing with(in) İstanbul  

This year’s theme is a call for interdisciplinary participation on multilayered histories, qualities and parameters of urban space which are reflected either in a major or a minor scale. In that sense, İstanbul can be seen as an urban promoter with its long urban history, sociocultural diversity and continuous transformation. The focus of studies can be student projects, case studies, identification or comparisons of realized projects, manifests, utopias and dystopias, criticism on non-realized/unfinished projects. muiscarch’17 participants are not obliged to relate their papers to İstanbul. They are expected to propose a creative thinking on the impact of urbanity on space/place creating. Students are also expected to relate their ideas to the specified topics of the congress.   



1-   Designing Water-Land Relations
borderline, tendencies, transformation, technology, climate, sustainability, efficiency

2-   Water as Urban Space                                                                                                                                              

vista, route, transportation, experience, topography, silhouette, inside-outside, solid-void


1-   Relating the Historical to the Contemporary
refunction, reuse, transformation, intervention, psychological intervention, memory

2-   Designing with(in) City Borders
old town & new town, intersection, intervention, continuity, rupture, frontiers, limits


1-   Transportation as a Unique Experience                                                                                                             

cinematic experience, third space, collective memory, route, technology, tendencies

2-   Urban Parameters: Continuity, Complexity and Contradiction                                                                                      

place, nationality, destruction, memory, history, transformation, tendencies, hybridization


Abstract Submissions
Abstracts should address the purpose of their research with relation to the main theme and they should indicate the name of the selected topic.  Abstracts will be evaluated through a peer-review.  In case of acceptance, full papers will be asked from the participants.  

Important Dates/ Deadlines

7 April

Deadline for abstract submissions (max. 400 words)

10 April

Announcement of accepted abstracts

30 April

Deadline for full paper submissions (about 2500-3000 words)

Abstracts should be prepared both in pdf and word format in max. 400 words. They are accepted in English ONLY. Abstracts should be submitted to the address: [email protected]

Images and tables should be high quality and include references. Text references should include author(s) name(s), journal/book title, chapter/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and page number(s). Abstracts should also include the following information:

E-mail address

Full postal address

Short CV


All figure captions

All tables (including title, description, footnotes)

Name of the selected topic

Student Certificate

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Important Note: Students have to have their own travel insurance for the number of days they will be in Turkey. 

Participants attending the conference will be hosted by Maltepe University at the Marma Otel İstanbul ( Participants will only have to pay their travel expenses. All other expenses will be provided by Maltepe University.